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4 ways minors get their hands on alcohol

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Part of being a teenager is rebelling against rules – especially ones made by parents, enforced by school officials or set in state laws. One of the many rules teens face is their legal drinking age. Illegal or not, some teens may do everything in their power to drink.

If you believe your child may be drinking, then you may be wondering how they got their hands on alcohol despite the law. Here’s how they often do it:

1. Using someone else’s money

Teens looking to possess alcohol without their parent’s permission may go through friends or other people who can legally buy alcohol. Buying alcohol for someone under the legal drinking age is illegal in Texas – but it does happen.

2. Stealing from relatives

Many people have some sort of secret stash of alcohol somewhere. While most parents believe they’re being sneaky and protecting their kids from the dangers of alcohol, many kids are extremely observant (if not just nosy). This could mean a teen has been drinking from their parents’, aunt’s or uncle’s reserves. 

3. Fake IDs

Many ways teens find ways to drink is by using fake IDs. This could mean a teenager is using a fake ID to get into bars or purchase alcohol from unobservant clerks.

4. Sharing with friends

Your teen may not be sneaky enough or crafty enough to get their own alcohol – but they may have a friend who is (and willing to share). Peer pressure can also contribute to this particular problem.

If you believe your child is drinking behind your back, then you may need to seek legal support. Juvenile charges related to underage drinking can severely hurt your child’s future.