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Juvenile drug crimes can lead to trouble

Juvenile drug crimes happen when a person under the age of 18 is in possession of, distributes or otherwise manipulates a restricted or illicit substance without a legal reason for doig so. Possessing illegal drugs is a crime in every state, and that possession can lead to serious penalties.

Parents of children who have been accused of possessing drugs or other drug crimes should know that this is the right time to reach out to an attorney for support. Even juveniles can face penalties that impact them for a significant length of time into the future.

Here are some ways to handle the stress of a first-time offense

If you have committed a crime and this is the first time you've done so, then you're a first-time offender. A first-time offense can be challenging in a lot of ways. You may have guilt about what happened or struggle to understand what charges you face.

This is when working with your attorney is a smart choice. Your attorney will help in many ways, starting by helping you understand the charges you face. Knowing those, the potential penalties and any alternative options you have can help you feel more secure in the future.

Alternative penalties can help those addicted to drugs or alcohol

Texas is one of a few states that now employ the use of alternatives to incarceration for some cases. There have been many reforms throughout the state, and there has been a realization that imprisonment itself is not always the best solution for those who have violated the law.

As someone who has offended or who faces charges, it's important to know your full rights in regard to alternatives to incarceration, especially if you are struggling with substance abuse. It's a well-known fact that those struggling with substance abuse need treatment and are less likely to reoffend if they receive treatment rather than incarceration.

What should I do after learning my child is selling drugs?

As a parent, you always want to be able to protect your child. But after they reach a certain age, you will come to realize that it is very difficult to know what they are doing and with whom they are spending time. Additionally, you will learn that it is impossible to control their behavior and actions. Conversely, attempts to control their actions will often provoke rebellious behavior. 

If you have recently learned that your teenage child is using and selling drugs, it's likely that you feel shocked, angry and upset. You may have had your suspicions for some time, but gaining confirmation of these troubling activities is very difficult. It's important that you think carefully about how to address the matter. The following are some things that you should consider when learning about your child's criminal activities. 

5 things you need to know about shoplifting

Shoplifting doesn't sound like the most serious crime, but if your child is facing the legal aftermath it's important to understand the steps you can take to help them.

While there are many misconceptions about shoplifting, these five points will help clear the air and provide you with the information you need to better understand this crime:

Yes, you should help defend your child against criminal charges

You know your child has some behavior issues. You have them in therapy and are working on positive reinforcement at home. Unfortunately, despite your efforts to provide the help and support your child needs, he or she made a mistake. 

You were nearly asleep when you got the phone call saying your child had been arrested in McKinney. You head to the police station hoping that the owner of the retail store where your child is accused of shoplifting won’t press charges. Unfortunately, that may not be the case and your child could face penalties that have serious and lasting consequences. 

Veterans Court: An alternative for those who have served

After serving in the United States military, you deserve support as you reconnect with your civilian life. In Collin County, the Collin County Veterans Court services combat veterans who have suffered injuries during combat that later result in a criminal offense.

Veterans go through a lot when they're deployed, and may see or do things they'd never imagined. When returning to civilian life, it can be difficult to manage and cope with the physical, mental and emotional scars. In some cases, these wounds can result in criminal activities including assaults, family violence and drug offenses.

Is your child a troublemaker? Here are 4 tips to help

When your child is young, you may not worry much if they act out once in a while. However, if a child is aggressive or conniving, these behaviors can lead to serious problems during their teen and young adult years.

Children with behavior problems need boundaries and help controlling their emotions. Failing to do this can lead to problems as a child ages that could result in criminal activities and juvenile arrests and punishments.

Why a drug possession charge is often followed by additional charges

If you're in possession of an illicit substance and get caught, then you may face drug charges. While many people assume they will face a single possession charge for their actions, this is rarely the case.

When the prosecution looks at drug cases, the initial charge is normally possession. You were in possession of a drug, so that makes sense. However, there are other factors to consider. If you possess large quantities of drugs, the prosecution may seek charges such as possession with the intent to distribute, accuse of you of being a drug ring leader or even add penalties for possessing or intending to sell drugs close to a school or playground.

Alternative programs help people heal without incarceration

Alternative court programs have been designed to help people who have addictions and mental health conditions overcome their disadvantages while being held responsible for their actions. Alternative programs are ideal for many situations, because they encourage healing instead of punishment without treatment.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are both significant causes of criminal acts. People are not in their right minds when they're on mind-altering substances such as these. Did you know that approximately 75 percent of people who began treatment for drug addiction previously committed acts of violence? These acts could include many types of crimes such as physical assault or mugging.

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