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How long does it take to complete a drug court process in Texas?

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Accusations of violating Texas drug statutes can lead to major penalties. Infractions involving both prohibited drugs, like methamphetamine, and controlled substances, like Oxycontin, can violate state law. Prosecutors often pursue felony charges over drug law violations, and people never know what sentence a judge might impose after they decide to enter a guilty plea.

There is a range of potential penalties possible based on a judge’s discretion. Many people find the prospect of handing their future over to a judge very frightening, especially given the harsh potential penalties permitted under state law. One of the options for those facing drug charges in Texas is to request adjudication in the Texas drug courts. Instead of a trial shortly after arrest, individuals may benefit from attending drug court proceedings, substance abuse treatment and randomized drug screenings.

How long does it typically take for an individual to complete the drug court process in Texas?

Drug court cases last a year or longer

Intense court supervision and substance abuse treatment are both key elements of the drug court process in Texas. It is therefore necessary for the courts to monitor someone for a significant amount of time. Given that the goal is to facilitate treatment and recovery, the state requires between 12 and 18 months of active participation in the drug court process.

During that time, the defendant has to arrive on demand for drug testing. They have to attend regular drug court sessions and meet numerous other requirements imposed by the judge presiding over their case. Provided that someone diligently completes all of those requirements, they can finish the process in somewhere between a year and a year and a half. If a defendant successfully completes the drug court process, then they do not have to worry about criminal penalties. They can also avoid the criminal record a conviction might generate.

The patience and diligence required to complete drug court proceedings can pay off by diminishing the long-term impact that Texas drug charges have on someone’s future. Seeking adjudication in the drug courts is a reasonable reaction to pending drug charges in Texas. Defendants who understand their options can craft a truly informed response after an arrest accordingly.