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Serious Representation For An Array Of Drug Offenses

If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug offense, it is imperative that you hire a skilled and experienced attorney who will listen to you and advocate vigorously on your behalf.

At the McKinney, Texas, law office of Terri Daniel, Attorney at Law, PLLC, I am a hardworking drug offense lawyer who provides the best possible defense for clients accused of drug offenses. I have experience handling a broad range of matters. I defend clients accused of possession, manufacture, delivery or fraud related to a variety of drugs, including:

As A Former Prosecutor, I Know How To Approach Your Case

At Terri Daniel, Attorney at Law, PLLC, I know the law on drug offenses. I offer more than two decades of criminal law experience. I am board-certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. I am a former chief felony prosecutor who now practices criminal defense. I have done hundreds of trials and experienced a great deal of success.

When I take your case to trial, my prosecution experience gives me an advantage. I challenge absolutely every possible element of the prosecution’s case. I know when searches and seizures are invalid, and I fight hard to make sure that evidence doesn’t come in to be used against you. If an action can be taken to fight allegations of your drug offense, I will not hesitate to take it.

Start Your Defense With A Free Consultation

To schedule a free consultation with me, a methamphetamine possession attorney in Collin County, Texas, contact Terri Daniel, Attorney at Law, PLLC, online or by calling 469-845-9951. I accept all major credit cards, like Visa, Mastercard and Discover.