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Comprehensive Representation For Underage Drinking And Possession Charges

When a child or teenager is charged with underage drinking, it is important to not only address the immediate legal concerns, but also seek ways to help the minor find a brighter future. Parents of teens accused of minor in possession offenses in Collin County rely on Terri Daniel, Attorney at Law, PLLC, in McKinney, Texas, for serious advocacy through the juvenile justice system, as well as assistance in finding appropriate counseling to address substance abuse problems.

Pursuing Your Child’s Best Possible Outcome

As a parent, you need to do what you can to help your child address the potential underlying issues through treatment or counseling when a deeper issue is the real source of trouble. As a highly experienced juvenile defense lawyer, I can help. I am dedicated to helping troubled youth get back on the right track with comprehensive legal counsel.

When a juvenile gets in trouble with the law, the case must be handled with care to help ensure that legal problems do not continue into adulthood. I do everything I can to obtain the best outcomes for clients, both in the juvenile justice system and beyond.

I provide aggressive juvenile defense representation for juveniles and teens accused of all types of alcohol and controlled substance offenses, including:

  • Underage possession
  • Underage consumption
  • Use or possession of a fake ID
  • Underage drinking and driving or DWI
  • Drug charges

In Texas, a person under the age of 21 can face minor in possession charges even if he or she was not consuming any alcohol. Holding a beer can at a high school party may be sufficient to have a brush with the law. Unfortunately, the event can adversely impact future opportunities in school and the military and other aspects of a juvenile’s life far into the future.

Tailored Solutions To Safeguard The Rights Of Minors

I work hard with clients to obtain tailored solutions to eliminate or reduce the overall impact of a juvenile offense. I have more than two decades of experience in criminal law and have focused on criminal and juvenile defense in Collin County since 2003. More importantly, my practice is founded on open and honest communication with each client to ensure that he or she understands the charges, the process and the comprehensive options available to protect his or her best interests.

Do you have questions about Texas juvenile law? To schedule a free consultation to discuss your concerns, send me an email or call 469-845-9951. I accept all major credit cards.