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Their Record Does Not Have To Follow Them – I Can Help

When their child has been charged with a juvenile offense, many parents worry that the charge will follow them forever. At the law office of Terri Daniel, Attorney at Law, PLLC, I am an experienced criminal record sealing lawyer in McKinney, Texas, and a parent myself. I know that people often make mistakes when they are young, and I believe that they should not be penalized for those mistakes forever. That’s why I offer knowledgeable and experienced legal help with the legal sealing of juvenile records.

Guiding You Through Texas Record Sealing

Texas law allows some juvenile records to be sealed. When the court orders record sealing, the juvenile records generally become unavailable to the public at large. However, the law under which records can be sealed can seem complicated, and I recommend the legal guidance of an experienced lawyer. Most Texas juvenile courts will only seal records if the juvenile (and his or her attorney) applies to the court. Often, two years must have gone by since the minor completed probation. Further, the court often cannot seal records for a felony unless the child is 21 years old or older when he or she makes the request and his or her case was never transferred to adult court.

With more than two decades of experience, I know the law on record sealing. I use my knowledge of criminal defense and the juvenile court system to get the best results possible. My clients’ continued success is the focus of what I do. I make sure to answer any questions you may have and to stand by you throughout the process.

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To find out if your child’s records are eligible for sealing, or to find out about expunction or nondisclosure, talk with me, a Collin County expunction attorney, about your unique situation. I am available by calling 469-845-9951. Most major credit cards are accepted. Initial consultations are free and confidential.