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Why do teens turn to drugs?

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As a parent, your children mean everything to you. You’ve done everything you can to set them on the right path in life. Unfortunately, you cannot control every aspect of your child’s life, particularly as they start to get older. In fact, sometimes, the more strict you are with them, the more they will try to rebel. 

One of the main worries you have is that they will turn to illegal substances. This concerns you not only because it may damage their health, but you’re also aware of the potential for drug culture to lead to a life of crime. Identifying some of the main reasons why teens take drugs could assist in taking preventative steps. 

Are they struggling mentally? 

There’s a lot of pressure on children growing up, particularly as they enter their teen years. They are forced to make decisions about careers, education and personal relationships. All of this can take its toll on a person’s mental health, and that includes teenagers. 

Mental health problems are prevalent among teenagers, with approximately 30% of all adolescents experiencing feelings of depression. Sometimes, substances are offered as a means of escaping these pressures and getting some temporary relief. 

Teens who are struggling emotionally may feel like the short-lived euphoria of taking substances is worth all the risks. Sadly, in reality, this can result in devastating addictions, health complications as well as criminal charges. 

Is peer pressure a problem?

Fitting in at school and on social occasions can make the life of a teen much easier. Nobody wants to be an outcast from their peer group. 

Sadly, those who sell illegal substances are fully aware of this and adolescents are often their target market. It only takes one teen to start putting pressure on your child for them to slip into bad habits. Saying no to peer pressure and leaving a friendship group behind is not as easy as it sounds. 

If your teen has been accused of a drug offense, it’s important to get them help – not punishment. Having legal guidance on your side will ensure that the rights of your teenage child are protected.