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Adolescent addiction is a real illness

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As adults, we understand the risks of alcohol and substance use and the dangers of substance abuse. There’s a fine line between social drinking and black-out drunk that your teenage child may not fully understand.

It should come as no surprise that teens are just as susceptible, if not more, to addiction as adults. Their developing bodies can’t tolerate alcohol and drugs the same way a fully grown adult. 

What leads to adolescent addiction?

At some point in everyone’s life, we reach a phase of curiosity, especially a curiosity about what we’re told not to do – usually around our teen years. While curiosity can lead your child to use alcohol and drugs, it is the reward centers in their brains that lead to addiction. 

There are even environmental factors that can increase the chances of adolescent addiction. Stressful events, physical and emotional abuse can lead a child to suppress their emotions through substance abuse without realizing the risk factors of alcohol and drugs.

What are the dangers of adolescent addiction?

The more obvious example of the dangers of adolescent addiction is the physical problems that can occur from substance abuse. A child’s body is still developing up into their late teen years. Substance abuse can stunt the growth of not only a teenager’s body but also the development of their brain.

Another danger of adolescent addiction is juvenile possession charges. Children with a substance addiction may actively seek out alcohol or drugs, leading your child to steal or illegally purchase whatever they desire. 

Children can face serious drug charges when they have a substance abuse problem. You may need to know your legal options when your child needs help. When addiction is involved, your teen needs treatment, not jail.