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What to expect after your child gets arrested in Collin County

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It’s hard to deny that being a parent means dealing with stressful situations. Something most parents worry about is learning that their child has been placed under arrest. If your child gets arrested in Texas, it’s important to know what happens next.

Will your child have to go to a juvenile detention center?

Where your child goes after being arrested depends on the severity of their crime. In situations where only minor laws were violated, your child might qualify for immediate release. If your child’s offense was more severe than a minor violation, they might get referred to a juvenile detention center. This often happens with more severe offenses like juvenile drug cases. A juvenile detention center is a secure facility where younger offenders spend a short amount of time until they’re due to appear in court.

How to get your child released

After a juvenile gets arrested, you’ll get contacted by an intake officer. This is to let you know your child is safe and in custody. If your child isn’t able to get immediately released, you’ll find out when your child is to appear in court. This court hearing usually happens the day after your child gets arrested.

Will your child be able to have an attorney?

Yes, your child can have an attorney during this time. Fortunately, Texas has an approved juvenile attorney list that you can look over to find the help you need.

After your child gets arrested, be ready for an intake officer to contact you. You’ll learn more about how to get your child out of jail. From there, your attorney may offer advice about defending against the charges.