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If your child is caught dealing drugs, it’s time for a defense

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Your teen has struggled throughout the last few years, but you thought that they were turning things around. They started making lots of new friends, and the friends often came to the house. Even though they’d lock themselves away in the basement, you thought that they just wanted privacy and allowed it to happen.

One day, you were spending time cleaning up around where they were hanging out, and you noticed a baggy of a substance stuffed into the sofa. Upon taking a closer look, you saw a few small crystals and pills together and determined that this must be methamphetamine.

You don’t want to jump to conclusions about what your child is or is not doing, but if there is methamphetamine in your home, it’s a bad sign. You asked them about it when they came home, and you soon found out that they had been using with this new group of friends.

No sooner did you have this conversation than you saw a police officer pull up in your driveway. After a short talk with them, they alleged that your child had been selling the drug on the school campus and was now under arrest.

What do you do? How can you protect your child when you didn’t know this was happening?

You have to think clearly in this kind of situation. Your first call may need to be to your attorney, so that you can know your own rights and how to protect yourself and your child’s best interests if the police would like to investigate. This is particularly important since you did find some of the drugs in your home, which could end up indicating you in these crimes.

As a parent, finding out that your child is dealing and using drugs is horrible. You may not know how to cope with it. That’s why your attorney is there. They’ll guide you through the different stages that come next, from protecting your child during police interviews to helping you prepare for court or negotiations with the prosecution. Your team will be there for you to help you through this.