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Why a drug possession charge is often followed by additional charges

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If you’re in possession of an illicit substance and get caught, then you may face drug charges. While many people assume they will face a single possession charge for their actions, this is rarely the case.

When the prosecution looks at drug cases, the initial charge is normally possession. You were in possession of a drug, so that makes sense. However, there are other factors to consider. If you possess large quantities of drugs, the prosecution may seek charges such as possession with the intent to distribute, accuse of you of being a drug ring leader or even add penalties for possessing or intending to sell drugs close to a school or playground.

There is no question that drug charges add up quickly

Your criminal defense attorney understands how these situations often play out. You’ll likely be accused of much more than the situation warrants. A single drug possession crime shouldn’t result in additional charges. However, if given the opportunity, the prosecution will often pursue more charges.

What can you do to protect yourself against unfair drug charges and penalties?

The best thing you can do is to reach out to a criminal defense attorney right away. You need to know what you should or shouldn’t say to the police. If you’re being held in custody, your attorney will come to you to provide counsel and protect your rights.
Your attorney will devise a strategy to dismiss or minimize the charges and potential collateral harm you face. In some cases, it’s possible to have the case dropped due to a illegal search and seizure, missing evidence or other factors. For some people, the problem stops here, since the police don’t have enough evidence for the prosecution to pursue charges.

If you are formally charged, your attorney will look into each of the charges you face and examine the supporting evidence. A strong defense is needed when there is concrete evidence, but if there is nothing to support the claims, then the prosecution will have to come up with proof that it may not be able to produce. In that case, staying quiet may be your best defense.

If you are arrested for drug possession, talk to an attorney about your case as soon possible. Be honest, and your attorney will do his or her best to prepare a strong defense to address the specifics of your case.