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How long do drugs show up in tests for?

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When someone uses drugs, trace amounts of these drugs will remain in their system for an extended period of time. This will likely last for much longer than the person would actually feel the effects of those drugs.

For example, perhaps someone took edibles containing marijuana. After about an hour, this person may begin to feel the effects, which could then last for the next three or four hours. In some cases, it could be a bit longer than this.

But evidence of marijuana use may show up for days or even weeks after they take the edible products. The person will no longer be high or impaired at all, but they would still trigger a drug test. This can be very important for those who are facing criminal charges in which drug use or possession has been alleged, so how long will drugs remain detectable?

The type of test

It really depends on the type of test that is used. For instance, one test uses oral fluid, and it generally only shows positive results for anywhere from 5 to 48 hours after use.

But other tests use urine samples. Drugs may show up in these urine samples for as long as a week or more.

Beyond that, there are hair tests where the hair follicles themselves are considered. These show the most long-term results, as the authorities can often find evidence of drug use for the next 90 days.

What are your options?

Are you facing drug charges or allegations of committing a crime that included drug use? If so, be sure, you know exactly what criminal defense options you have and what steps to take moving forward.