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Signs your teen has fallen in with the wrong crowd 

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Having a child is the most rewarding experience for parents. That being said, it doesn’t come without challenges, particularly when children reach their teenage years. 

This is also a difficult period for the child. There’s a lot of pressure on kids to succeed in their careers, education and professional development. All teenagers need to blow off steam at some point. This is perfectly normal. However, there are occasions when teens take this to the extreme and potentially engage in criminal activity. This is often the result of peer pressure. 

What are some of the signs that your teen may have fallen in with the wrong crowd

Missing classes 

Your teen is approaching a pivotal time in their educational journey. The grades they get now could set their career path for the future. Unfortunately, the head teacher has been in touch to inform you that your child has been absent from class on a regular basis. One possible explanation could be that they are hanging around with a troubled crowd.  

They’ve become isolated 

It’s natural for teens to want some privacy, but you’ve always been close to your child. Now, they refuse to tell you anything about their friends. The only time you know what they’re up to is when they are in their room, which isn’t very often. 

Signs of intoxication 

Your child still has several years to go until they’re old enough to drink alcohol. But recently, they’ve shown signs of intoxication when they come home in the evening. How are they getting the alcohol? Could they be taking other substances?

Ultimately, hanging around with the wrong crowd can land your child in trouble with the law. This doesn’t mean that they are a criminal or don’t deserve help. If your child has been charged with an offense, the first step to take in this situation is to seek some legal guidance.