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What to do when your kid is facing a drug crime

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Learning that your child is in trouble can be devastating, but the stress can intensify when it’s a legal issue, especially a drug crime. While the Texas Juvenile Justice Department aims at helping and caring for the youth, your child may face significant penalties if convicted. 

Besides, a drug crime on their record can affect their education, employment and housing opportunities in the future. Thus, it will help to know how you can protect them.

Here is what to do after finding out your child is facing a drug crime charge.

Stay calm

Undeniably, calmness is not the first emotion you will have after finding out your child has been accused of a drug crime. However, while you may be shocked and possibly disappointed, it will be best to stay calm. Consider excusing yourself when you get the news, and then you can discuss it later.

Listen to your child

When talking to your child about the charge, you should ask the right questions and listen to what they say. It’s vital to understand how this happened and if they need help. Of course, you will still be their parent, but it helps to show your friendly side during this conversation to obtain as much information as possible.

Get legal help

Drug crimes have serious penalties. Therefore, it’s crucial to get legal help to learn more about your child’s case, its consequences and potential defenses. An attorney should also be present when you and your child speak to the police to avoid statements that can worsen matters. 

If your child has been charged with a drug crime, it can help to get legal guidance sooner to protect their future.