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I’ve been falsely accused of burglary. What should I do?

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A burglary has been committed in your neighborhood. And the police believe you did it. But you were out of town on the evening the alleged burglary happened. It definitely cannot be you. So what can you do?

Practically speaking, being indicted for a crime is a big deal. If you are accused of a crime you had nothing to do with, it is in your best interest that you defend yourself. If you do not, you might end up paying the price for a crime you never committed.

Here are two steps you can take to protect your rights and defend yourself when facing a false burglary charge:

Remain calm and think about your defense strategy

You may be confused, angry and mad. And this is understandable. However, panic and anger won’t help. Instead, they can only hurt you. You need a clear head to effectively defend yourself and get out of trouble. No matter how upset you are, do not contact your accuser or take to social media to explain your innocence.

Do you have an alibi? 

To convict and put you in prison, the prosecution must build their case around some evidence and they will look everywhere for it. If you are being falsely accused of burglary, there may be some evidence you can present as proof that you did not commit the crime in question. One of the best pieces of evidence you can present in your defense is an alibi (eyewitnesses, supermarket or credit card receipts and surveillance footage.)

Understand your rights

Being wrongfully accused of burglary isn’t a small matter. It is a threat to your reputation, rights and future. Knowing your legal rights can help you to defend yourself against a false burglary accusation.