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AI technology can be flawed

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Law enforcement officers in Texas are always looking for any advantage they can find in solving crimes. And in the modern world, the use of artificial intelligence is often hailed as infallible. The truth is that this is flawed thinking regardless of how much the media likes to present the same claim along with police agencies. The problem is that it is very easy to mistake the identity of anyone using AI technologies such as sound recorders and video surveillance equipment. When they are used in conjunction, the situation can be even worse when suspects are being narrowed down.

Case in point

One case where this is evidenced occurred in Chicago last year when a man offered a ride to an individual who later was killed by gunfire. It is no secret that Chicago does have a gun violence problem, but it was AI that was used to identify the suspect with no regard for reasonable doubt. It took nearly one year for the court to arrive at this conclusion after criminal defense attorneys proved that the artificial intelligence being used was not that intelligent after all.

Reasonable doubt is still the standard

Reasonable doubt is the central building block to any criminal defense strategy, and the fact that AI is being used to track a suspect does not necessarily overrule this requirement. Faulty video equipment has indeed landed many suspects in jail in Texas with no true probable cause. Police authorities are often too quick to use misleading and unverifiable videos to arrest questionable suspects as though they are already guilty. This creates an additional problem for criminal defense attorneys because juries can be swayed easily using the same false concept that is advanced continually by the media.

It is important for all Texas residents who are accused of a crime to realize that video and audio recognition does not mean they have no right or possibility of fighting a criminal charge. Criminal convictions always have a detrimental impact on the life of the accused, and standing up for yourself is vital for a successful outcome when being charged.