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Does marijuana possession always mean jail time?

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In recent years, attitudes towards marijuana use have been rapidly evolving. That’s true even in conservative states like Texas. A couple of factors that emerged in the past year or so have influenced this cultural shift. A desire to limit crowding in jails due to social distancing is one reason for the change. Recent changes to Texas law are another motivating factor.

Legal changes in Texas

In 2019, Texas law changed. Hemp, a form of cannabis that has almost no THC, became legal in the state. The use of CBD, which can help relieve pain but not make people high, is also now permitted in Texas. Around the same time, some jurisdictions started to implement ticketing programs. This has changed the way drug cases for adults work in Texas.

The new program adopted by some towns and cities is called Cite & Release. When someone receives a citation for marijuana, they are avoiding certain charges and incarceration. However, they will still need to show up in court from time to time as their case progresses. The state of Texas has been clear that recreational use of marijuana is not legal. The penalties for possession and use are tougher than the ones doled out for things like traffic infractions.

If you or a loved one has been cited and released for marijuana in Texas, it’s still important to contact an attorney. An experienced lawyer may be able to help you get the best possible deal. Being cited and released can still affect someone’s relationship and ability to work. It’s important to have a dedicated advocate on your side during this process.