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Two people in Texas arrested for drug crimes

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Two people in Laredo were arrested after local authorities reportedly seized $400,000 worth of cocaine from their house. The authorities had received a tip that led them to a house on Falls Drive. Without notifying the individuals of their presence, the authorities claim to have watched as a suspected drug deal took place between a customer and one of the people who lived in the house. When the exchange was over, the authorities pulled over both individuals shortly after they left the house.

Once they’d stopped the individuals, the authorities reportedly found a bag in one of the vehicles, inside of which were six bundles of cocaine. The authorities returned to the house and searched the residence where they claim to have found six more bundles of cocaine. Altogether, police reportedly discovered over 30 pounds of cocaine valued at more than $400,000 on the streets.

Both individuals were arrested, but the case is still undergoing investigation. This is one of many drug cases for adults in the state of Texas. Both individuals are adult men in their 30s and have been charged with delivery and manufacture of illegal drugs. A court date has not yet been released.

Anyone who finds themselves in a situation like this may find it helpful to hire an attorney. While their situation might seem hopeless, an attorney may help build a case using their knowledge of the law. Some attorneys argue for drug rehabilitation or mandatory classes instead of extensive jail time.

Additionally, an attorney may be able to help you get prior convictions wiped off your record so that they don’t affect you in the future. By working with an attorney, you might be able to avoid jail time or accept the shortest possible sentence to get your life back on track.