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Are you or a family member suffering from meth addiction?

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Texas has suffered from rising meth addiction rates for many years. This drug can be highly addictive, and it becomes even more addictive the longer someone takes it and the more they take of it. Once a high dependence level has been established, to stop using the drug becomes a difficult task because of the withdrawal symptoms experienced by users.

Some of the worst symptoms of meth withdrawal include tremors, anxiety and severe depression. Those who are addicted to the substance might find help through a doctor-supervised treatment plan.

The sooner you get help, the better

The sooner those suffering from methamphetamine addiction reach out for help, the better. The longer someone takes the drug, the more severe the drug cravings and emotional lows will be once the person gets off the drug. As such, it’s vital that those receiving treatment stay long enough in a treatment program to rebuild their lives and set healthy habits. These individuals need to grow new brain connections that don’t involve the need for chemical substances. They also need to learn the tools of relapse prevention, including techniques to stop their cravings.

Addiction experts recommend that people addicted to methamphetamine attend a 90-day addiction treatment program at a minimum.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been shown to help

Many specialists in meth addiction claim that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the best ways to treat meth addiction because it teaches people powerful stress-management techniques, communication methods, coping tools and other excellent life skills that help the patient improve his or her overall behavior patterns.

Another useful technique involves “motivational incentives.” Those suffering from a meth addiction receive rewards every time they have a clean drug test. Such incentives have helped many people stay meth-free.

Were you accused of meth-related crimes?

Those who have been arrested and accused of meth-related crimes may be able to qualify for government-supported treatment programs. Make sure you investigate this possibility before you implement the plans you’ve made for your criminal defense.