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Why are drugs a factor in many criminal cases?

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Drug addiction often leads individuals to engage in illegal activities in order to obtain or use drugs, which can result in criminal charges. This means that treating the addiction is a crucial step in stopping the behavior.

For some who are in the criminal justice system in Texas, drug court helps to address the criminal aspect of the case while also working with the individual to get them sober.

What sort of charges may stem from drug addiction?

If you’re struggling with drug addiction, you may possess illegal substances. In Texas, possessing controlled substances such as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine or prescription drugs without a valid prescription can lead to criminal charges. 

To support your drug addiction, you might be tempted to sell or distribute drugs to others. You may also attempt to manufacture them yourself or become involved with others who do so you can obtain drugs of your own. You might engage in theft or other property crimes to fund your drug purchases. This can range from seemingly minor charges for petty theft or more serious felony theft charges.

Drug addiction may impair your ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. If you’re caught driving under the influence of drugs, you could face charges for impaired driving. Possessing or using drug paraphernalia, such as pipes, bongs or syringes, can also lead to criminal charges in Texas. While this charge might not seem as serious as some other drug-related charges, it’s a very big issue in this state.

Drug addiction can contribute to drug charges in several ways, including possession, distribution, manufacturing, driving under the influence and drug paraphernalia. It can also contribute to other criminal charges, such as theft. It’s crucial to be aware of these potential legal consequences and to seek help for addiction if needed to avoid the negative impacts on your life and the lives of those around you.