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Why drugs can be appealing to teens 

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Although some adults tend to forget, the teenage years of an individual can be quite challenging. There’s a lot of pressure on teens to fit in and become successful in terms of their career choices. 

Everyone makes mistakes, especially during their teen years. This is part of growing up. In some cases, teens are encouraged to take drugs, but what is the appeal of this? Outlined below are a few things to consider. 

A relief from the stress 

As mentioned, it isn’t always easy being a teenager. A teen may have had nothing but exams for months on end, and they feel like they need to escape this, even for a while. They may have other stresses in their personal lives, such as family fallouts, abuse or the breakdown of relationships. Drugs may seem like a way to escape. Unfortunately, even a one-time experiment can result in criminal charges. 

Peer pressure 

All people can be influenced by their peers, but this is especially the case for teens. The sense of belonging to a group is a very powerful phenomenon, and once obtained it is not something that is easy to give up. If everyone else is partaking in drugs or other unlawful activities, it can take strength to walk away. Teens risk being ostracized and even picked on if they choose this path. Numerous teens engage in unlawful activity due to pressure from their peers. 

Your teen has the rest of their life ahead of them and should not be penalized forever for an error of judgment. Additionally, an allegation does not necessarily mean guilt. Teens are stereotyped all the time, including by law enforcement. If your child is facing criminal charges, make sure you seek some legal guidance