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Has your teen fallen in with a bad crowd?

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While becoming a parent can be one of the most rewarding chapters in a person’s life, there are challenges associated with bringing up a child. These challenges may be accentuated by the time they reach their teenage years. They believe they are an adult, despite being a year or two off, at least in legal terms.

As a parent, you need to find the line between ensuring that they are ok and not interfering with their freedoms. This is a difficult balance to strike. One thing that might weigh heavily on your mind is who they are socializing with.

How can you tell if your teen has fallen in with a bad crowd?

School reports

Your child has always had ambition and shown a work ethic at school. The report cards may have varied at times, but there was never an issue with effort or behavior. Recently, their teacher has called you in to address some concerns about your child’s attitude in class. They’re not completing their work and they’ve even had to be removed from class occasionally for being unruly. Could there be outside influences, such as a new peer group, who are encouraging this behavior?

Problems with law enforcement

Previously, your child had hobbies and they even played sports on a regular basis. Now, this has changed, but you assumed their interests were just shifting as they got older. However, last weekend you had a visit from the police. They brought your child home and claimed they had been drinking. Your child isn’t old enough to drink, so it’s possible they’re hanging around with an older group who are getting them into trouble.

Ultimately, unruly behavior from adolescents can result in criminal activity. Nonetheless, just because your child has been accused of criminal offenses doesn’t mean they are automatically guilty. Perhaps they have been stereotyped or wrongly accused? Seeking legal guidance will help to ensure they get the best possible representation in court.