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Do you qualify for adjudication in the Texas drug courts?

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An arrest for drug crimes in Texas could mean incarceration and financial penalties, in addition to the devastating consequences of having a criminal record. One way to avoid all of those potential penalties is to keep your case out of the Texas criminal courts. 

Can you qualify for adjudication in the Texas drug courts when you face criminal charges? 

Do you have an issue with substance abuse? 

To qualify for proceedings in the drug courts, you will need to demonstrate that chemical dependence or addiction contributed to your criminal charges. Those accused of possessing drugs that they feel dependent on, as well as those who committed crimes while under the influence, could potentially convince the court that their criminal offense relates to their addiction. 

Does the offense qualify?

Given that the drug courts effectively eliminate criminal penalties and keep someone from ending up with a criminal record, there are some kinds of offenses that will not be eligible for drug court proceedings. 

Violence offenses, in particular, will typically preclude someone from drug court proceedings instead of criminal court. 

Can you commit to the process?

Drug court won’t benefit you if you can’t follow through with the obligation it carries. You need a willingness to complete treatments, and the desire to seek care and improve your life. If you cannot make it to repeated court hearings, will not pass drug tests or will not actively engage in therapeutic efforts to address the cause of your substance abuse issues, then the drug courts may not help. 

Only with the successful completion of drug court proceedings will you secure the benefits the process provides. Looking at all of your options and being realistic about your behavior can help you reduce the consequences you faced for upcoming Texas drug charges.