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Don’t let one mistake define your future

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When you face arrest and you are going to be charged with a criminal offense, you’ll probably start thinking about the impact it’s going to have on your future. Will it have a negative impact on your reputation? Will it make it impossible for you to get a job or rent an apartment? Parents of juvenile offenders may also wonder if they’ll even be able to get into college.

It’s important to be worried about your future and to acknowledge the fact that you don’t want this one incident to define everything that you will be or can become. You don’t want it to limit your life just because of a momentary lapse in judgment, peer pressure from friends or even something that you didn’t do but of which you’ve been falsely accused.

What crimes may young offenders commit?

Speaking of young offenders, there are many different potential crimes that could impact the way their life moves forward. As noted above, peer pressure is a common issue that you people face. They want to fit in, but that pressure can lead to things like:

  1. Shoplifting
  2. Underage drinking
  3. Illegal drug use
  4. Physical assault of another individual
  5. Speeding or reckless driving
  6. Vandalism
  7. Theft
  8. Breaking and entering

Some of these are obviously much more serious than others, but all of them could result in someone having to face significant charges.

Parents and teens alike need to know exactly what options they have at a time like this. There are always criminal defense tactics that can be used to help fight charges that shouldn’t stand, reduce potential sentences and much more.