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How can I keep a child’s drug conviction from ruining their life?

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Teenage years are sometimes synonymous with experimentation. Teens tend to find ways to push against parents and other authority figures as they figure out who they are. Some might even try drugs for a number of reasons. Perhaps they are looking for performance enhancement with their schoolwork, for relief from overwhelming or chronic stress or for status or belonging among their peers.

No matter the reason, when a parent gets the call that their child was arrested for possession or use of drugs, fear and concern are sure to arise. Parents worry that their child’s reckless and impulsive decision might wreck their chances of securing a job, housing or loans in the future. Will their poor choices follow them for the rest of their lives? There is hope

While Class C misdemeanors such as possession of prescription drugs or marijuana are confidential once the respondent satisfies all punitive measures, these records are ineligible for sealing. However, parents may find relief in knowing that a juvenile’s record can be expunged in certain circumstances. A juvenile adjudicated for a Class C misdemeanor may ask the court to expunge the records if they only have one conviction and if it took place before their 17th birthday.

Getting a juvenile’s record expunged requires initiating a legal process. To improve your chances of successfully removing your child’s records, you will want to ensure they meet all necessary requirements. Because juvenile court operates differently from adult court, consulting with an attorney may be helpful to you with this process.