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Good intentions and shared prescriptions can lead to bad trouble

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People often have good intentions and yet make a mistake that can define the rest of their life. In some cases, this mistake could lead to drug charges that are very serious.

While having good intentions can help you in some cases, as it shows that you didn’t have any intent to break the law, don’t assume that is an excuse for that behavior. You cannot claim that you just didn’t understand what the law was, saying that you meant well, and expect not to face legal action. As such, it’s important both to know what the law states and what options you have if you’re accused of breaking that law.

How this works in drug cases

One way that this can work in a drug case is if you have prescription medication. This is a controlled substance that you are not allowed to use unless you have that prescription, which means that you can get it filled legally.

If someone that you know asks you if they can have some of that medicine, you may have good intentions to assist them with a medical problem or something of this nature. You believe that you are honestly being helpful and you’re just doing it because you care about this person. But if you share those medications with them, you’re now in breach of the drug laws because prescription medications are only supposed to be possessed and used by those named in the prescription. Giving the medication to someone else, even if you don’t take any money in exchange, can be seen as drug distribution.

Fighting serious drug charges

Mistakes happen. You don’t want something like this to define the rest of your life. If you have made an error and you are now facing drug charges, you need to know about the legal steps you can take.