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Expect DWI arrests in Texas to increase over Thanksgiving

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If, like millions of other Americans, you’re planning to be on the road this Thanksgiving weekend, take care: The Texas Highway Patrol is going to be out in full force from Wednesday, Nov. 24, through Sunday, Nov. 28.

While DPS will be looking for all kinds of traffic violations that put people in harm’s way, you should definitely anticipate that a large part of their focus will be on spotting — and arresting — drunk drivers. 

How big of a push is this? 

2020 wasn’t exactly a year for big celebrations, and more people than usual stayed home on Thanksgiving weekend. Just the same, DPS issued almost 37,000 warnings and citations for regular traffic offenses (like failing to wear a seat belt or speeding) over the five-day weekend. They also made more than 400 felony arrests and 200 arrests for driving while intoxicated (DWI). 

What sort of things will get you pulled over and detained until the police determine whether or not you are intoxicated or drugged? Consider these

  •     Forgetting to turn on your headlights
  •     Drifting over the yellow line
  •     Making an illegal u-turn
  •     Turning too wide
  •     Driving far slower than the speed limit
  •     Speeding up and slowing down without cause
  •     Sitting too long at a light after it turns green
  •     Driving with your face close to the windshield
  •     Stopping the car for no discernible reason 

The wisest thing to do, of course, is to avoid drinking (or using drugs) and driving entirely. Remember: You don’t have to blow over a 0.08% on a breathalyzer test to be considered impaired.

If you do make a mistake over Thanksgiving weekend, find out more about your defense options so that you can put this behind you and get on with your life.