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Is drug rehab an option for defendants?

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Persons arrested for drug offenses in Texas may not necessarily face a lengthy prison sentence. Courts reserve the right to sentence an offender to drug or alcohol rehabilitation. The case’s circumstances factor into such decisions, and many defendants may qualify for rehab instead of jail time. Regardless, no one knows how a court will rule until it renders a decision.

Rehab seems more appropriate than jail time

Courts may lean towards leniency to someone suffering from drug and alcohol dependency. A person arrested for drunk driving or possession of a controlled substance may find court-ordered rehab a possible outcome when the incident represents a first offense. Also, non-violent criminals might experience a greater likelihood of leniency. Other mitigating factors may lead to a rehab order.

If a drunk driver crashes into another car and severely injures others and then attempts to flee police, negotiating for rehab over jail time might prove challenging. A person arrested for possession with intent to distribute and 10 kilos of cocaine in a vehicle would probably find the justice system somewhat unforgiving.

However, someone who suffers from the disease of alcohol or drug dependency and runs afoul of the law by disturbing the peace or shoplifting could petition for rehab. An attorney may make the case rehabilitation appears more sensible given the circumstances, lack of aggravating factors, and a client’s previously clean criminal history.

Drug rehab may come with societal benefits

Prosecutors, politicians, and others may notice the benefits that court-ordered rehab potentially brings. For one, if someone becomes free of chemical dependency, the person may no longer experience confrontations with the justice system.

Also, the costs associated with sending someone to rehab may be less than a prison sentence. Local and state municipalities could struggle under budget woes and might become amicable to drug rehabilitation sentencing.

Defendants seeking a plea deal or drug rehabilitation sentence may rely on a criminal law attorney’s defense strategy. Anyone accused of a drug crime could meet with an attorney to discuss their options.