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What is Texas adult drug court?

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When alcohol or drugs are part of criminal charges, the case may be held by a Texas adult drug court. There are drug courts for specific offenses, like DUI or DWI. The whole concept behind a drug court is to help those with an addiction succeed in long-term recovery from their addiction.

More resources than criminal court

Adult drug courts are more than your average courtroom: They provide many resources for those facing addiction. Their task is to identify addiction problems early on and place the person in an eligible treatment program for their specific addiction. Throughout the rehabilitation process, the person will have access to weekly alcohol and drug testing to further their commitment to recovery.

An alternative to incarceration

When a person is faced with drug charges, it’s highly likely that they will face incarceration. A lawyer may assist in asking the judge for rehabilitation over incarceration. Having the ability to get valuable treatment over spending time in jail can be a great option for anyone.

Goals of adult drug court

Adult drug courts can be found in all states throughout the country. They offer a feasible alternative to the punitive justice system. These courts are focused on helping people accused of criminal conduct achieve sobriety, which can lead to them being more productive members of society and avoiding future criminal offenses. Instead of the Texas community having to pay for the incarceration of prisoners, adult drug courts have been established to provide opportunities for community involvement and to reduce the criminal behavior throughout the state.

While adult drug court may be a positive alternative to going to prison, you should still treat your trial just as seriously. If you’re not familiar with the laws in your state, you should enlist the help of a lawyer to oversee your case in adult drug court.