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What can trigger accidental burglary charges in Texas?

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Many homeowners in Texas take strategic steps to protect their properties. If your actions while performing a simple errand ever lead to a burglary charge, a general understanding of the law could give you an edge. For example, you’ll want to understand whether it counts as burglary if you enter a neighbor’s home and take something without their consent. Your best offensive is a great defensive, which is why you should have a game plan before you step on someone’s property.

What’s the easiest way to avoid an unintentional burglary charge?

In Texas, there are multiple laws that apply to burglary. In order to avoid a mistaken burglary charge, you must understand a property owner’s intentions. For example, if you can clearly spot a security system outside or inside a home, the homeowner’s goal is to deter crimes. If you ever visit a property that’s armed with security systems, proceed with caution. You could face a burglary charge if you accidentally trigger an alarm in a suspicious manner.

Many property owners in Texas want peace of mind while they’re away from home, so they install smart cameras. These cameras use a Wi-Fi signal to rely information to a compatible device, such as a tablet or phone. The footage that these cameras capture around the clock could be used as evidence in court.

What practices can prevent a burglary charge?

Never use someone’s extra house key without permission. When you have permission, always try to use a spare key during a reasonable time. If you appear on someone’s doorstep to use a key after midnight, for example, suspicious neighbors may call the cops.

If you know what constitutes as burglary, you can better avoid a burglary charge. In the event that you do face charges, an attorney may help you understand your options for mounting a defense.