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Rapper in Texas allegedly assaulted a man in his studio

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A rapper is being investigated by the police after he allegedly assaulted a man in Katy, Texas. According to the authorities, the man was invited to the rapper’s studio on Oct. 5 to work with him on a new project. The man brought his girlfriend to the studio. When they arrived, they were told that women weren’t allowed in the studio. His girlfriend left, and the man was led to the garage where he was allegedly attacked by the rapper and his associates.

According to the report, the rapper put a bag over the man’s head and repeatedly assaulted him. One of the people in the group is said to have beat the man with a pistol. When someone took the bag off the man’s head, the man reportedly noticed a body bag in the garage. He claims that the rapper and his friends told the man that they were going to put him in the bag.

The rapper is said to have called his manager and told him that he had the man in his custody. The manager reportedly told the rapper to let the man go because the rapper had already been in trouble with the law. The group dropped the man off at his house where his girlfriend greeted him and took him to the hospital. Later, the man contacted law enforcement.

Media reports say that this isn’t the rapper’s first run-in with the law. Last month, the rapper was arrested along with 15 other people on suspicion of possessing illegal drugs and stolen firearms. The police are investigating the current assault case but have not made any arrests. A motive for the attack is still unknown. If the police find evidence that the crime took place, the rapper might be arrested and charged with assault alongside his associates.

A person accused of assault or a similar crime may wish to consult a criminal defense attorney about their case as soon as possible. An attorney may help them understand their legal options and work to protect their rights.