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What should I do after learning my child is selling drugs?

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As a parent, you always want to be able to protect your child. But after they reach a certain age, you will come to realize that it is very difficult to know what they are doing and with whom they are spending time. Additionally, you will learn that it is impossible to control their behavior and actions. Conversely, attempts to control their actions will often provoke rebellious behavior. 

If you have recently learned that your teenage child is using and selling drugs, it’s likely that you feel shocked, angry and upset. You may have had your suspicions for some time, but gaining confirmation of these troubling activities is very difficult. It’s important that you think carefully about how to address the matter. The following are some things that you should consider when learning about your child’s criminal activities. 

Don’t immediately act on your emotions

Anger can cause even the most level-headed people to do things that they later regret. After learning about what your child is doing, you’ll probably be tempted to confront them and get angry, but doing so may only serve to alienate them more. Therefore, if may be wise to sleep on the information and give yourself time to process your emotions.

Think about your strategy 

All actions that you take from this point are going to have consequences, so it’s good to start planning ahead and to start strategizing a game plan. You should reflect on how you think your child will likely react to different approaches. It’s likely that no matter the case, you will need to sit down with your child and have an honest conversation.

Have a mature conversation

Try to approach the topic in an open way, without expressing too much judgment. You need to hear and understand your child’s side of the story.  

If your child is facing legal issues as a result of their involvement with drugs, it is important that you take swift action to understand the applicable laws in Texas and to help them obtain an experienced defense attorney.