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What parents need to know about alternative sentencing

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As a parent of a child who has been charged with the possession of drugs, you are likely worried about your child’s future, as well as any consequences he or she may face later. While drug offenses have traditionally had serious legal consequences in Texas criminal courts, research has shown a definitive link between drug offenses and addiction. Therefore, serious efforts are being made to tackle drug addition head-on through alternative sentencing programs that include rehabilitation. This concept has proven to be effective in reducing recidivism in many other states.

If your child is convicted of drug possession, there are ways for your child to potentially avoid serving prison. Depending on the circumstances, offenders may be able to seek the help they need to get off drugs and get their lives back on track.

What are drug courts and how do they work?

Drug courts are set up to help nonviolent offenders get the help they need to get sober while also refraining from other criminal behaviors. In order to get accepted into these programs, defendants must agree to abide by specific conditions, some of which are quite restrictive. The programs are overseen by judges who ultimately decide which consequence defendants face for their transgressions.

What is the outcome of attending drug court?

The nature of drug court outcomes are highly dependent on the participation and compliance of the defendants and the decisions of the judge. On average, defendants in drug court will likely undergo between 12 and 15 months of treatment. Treatment is usually in the form of frequent sessions tackling addiction, and defendants are subject to random drug tests during this entire period.

Defendants who successfully complete their programs may be eligible to have their offenses removed from their criminal records.

If my child fails a drug test, what will be the outcome?

All offenders undergoing alternative sentencing will potentially face court appearances and jail time if they fail any drug tests.

If your child has been charged with possession of drugs in Texas, it is important that they take swift action in order to stand a chance of getting treatment for their addiction.