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The consequences of heroin use in Texas

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Texas is a state that is very strict about the use of serious narcotics, including heroin. Therefore, if you are to be found using heroin, you should not ignore this, and instead treat the problem extremely seriously. Being found to be in possession of even the smallest amount of the drug can result in a felony, which is a serious crime involving jail time.

You should look into the different options that you have as a person in Texas being found using heroin. Some of the options, such as the drug court program, could be beneficial to you.

What is the drug court program?

The drug court program is an opportunity for heroin users to avoid jail time and receive treatment for their addiction. If you are caught partaking in a non-violent offense, you may have the opportunity to participate in a monitoring program instead of being subject to jail time. This will mean that you will need to undergo frequent drug tests, visitations and treatment sessions. The program will usually last 12 to 18 months. This could be a great opportunity for you to get clean, meaning 100% off the drug and a fresh start in your life.

What is the expected jail time for a heroin charge?

Being found in the possession of less that 1g of heroin is automatically a state jail felony. This is likely to mean up to one year in jail.

However, if the amount in your possession is more than 1g, the consequencences will be much harsher. If you are found with more than 400g in your possession, you are likely to face a lifetime jail sentence.

The courts are recognizing more and more that heroin use is the symptom of an addiction, and it should be treated as such. Therefore if you show that you are committed to recovering from your addiction, you may be able to avoid jail time.