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Texas DWI penalties: You could find yourself in deep trouble

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It doesn’t matter where you are in the United States, driving while intoxicated is a serious crime that can lead you toward a punishment that changes your life in many ways.

The best way to deal with a DWI penalty in the state of Texas is to avoid an arrest in the first place. And, of course, the best way to do this is to never drink and drive.

Unfortunately, people make mistakes every now and again. It’s not out of the question to believe you’re “sober enough” to drive, just to soon find yourself on the side of the road talking to police.

If you find yourself in this position, it’s important to become familiar with the penalties for driving while intoxicated.

Here’s the first thing you need to know: If you neglect to take a breath test when stopped for suspicion of driving while intoxicated, you’ll be hit with an automatic 180 day suspension of your driver’s license.

Harsh penalties

Even as a first-time offender, the punishment for driving while intoxicated can be harsh. This can include a fine up to $2,000, the loss of your driver’s license for up to a year, anywhere from three to 180 days in jail, and a fee for retaining your driver’s license in the future.

Adding to this, if you are convicted for a second time, you will face a jail sentence of one month to one year.

There are some situations that lead to even harsher penalties, such as a charge of driving while intoxicated with a child in the car. In the event of a conviction, your fine could reach as high as $10,000, along with up to two years in prison.

Texas has harsh penalties for driving while intoxicated, so you never want to find yourself dealing with an arrest. However, if you are in this position, you need to learn more about your legal rights and the defense strategy that can help you avoid the most serious punishment. You have a lot to lose, so you need to take immediate action to protect yourself.