Assaults And Family Violence

Domestic Violence Lawyer in McKinney, Texas

The state of Texas treats domestic violence crimes very seriously. The police will often arrest you first and sort matters out later. State prosecutors will vigorously pursue a domestic assault conviction with little proof other than the unsubstantiated claims of a spouse, family member or individual living under your roof.

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Assault and Family Violence Attorney in Collin County, Texas, Protecting Your Rights, Freedom and Reputation

Whether you are a first-time or repeat offender, convictions on family violence charges can have serious consequences, including protective orders barring you from your children or home, or possible jail time. In addition, you can be stripped of a professional license and prohibited from legally owning a firearm.

I have extensive trial experience in Texas courts. With a background as a former prosecutor, I offer invaluable insight into how the case against you will proceed and the tactics used by the State. I can make a vital difference in domestic violence cases involving:

Please note, spousal or child abuse charges can also be used as leverage in child custody disputes. Because a criminal conviction for domestic assault can seriously complicate a divorce or custody proceeding, my representation can truly serve to keep a bad situation from becoming worse.

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